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Staying Safe Online
Published 11/3/2020 in The Travel Writers
Author Nathan Lake
If you are a writer, photographer, traveler, or even like the idea of being one of those things, then you probably spend a lot of time online. We upload, we download, and we just look around. We plan our next trip and read about the trips of others. And when we do all that, there is a certain level of risk involved. When we are online while traveling, the risk goes up...a lot. The days where we only had to worry about computer viruses are long. Now we have phishing attacks, packet sniffers, keystroke loggers, government surveillance, data theft, worms... read more ❯
Entering Thailand (10/28/2020)
Published 10/28/2020 in The Travel Writers
Author Nathan Lake
As of 10/28/2020, entry into Thailand by non-Thai nationals is still strictly limited. Spoiler alert, NO TOURISTS. There had been plans to open the borders to tourists with testing and quarantines, but that plan has been put on hold. Currently, entry is limited to the following groups: (1) Exempted persons or persons who are specified, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister or Chief official responsible for remedying the emergency situation to enter into the Kingdom pertaining to necessity, whereby conditions and time frames may also be prescribed; (2) Persons on diplomatic or consular missions or under International organizations, or representatives of foreign... read more ❯

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