What Makes the Santa Fe Art Scene So Unique?
Published 3/17/2019 in Vagabondances Author Noémie Trusty
Published by Upward Magazine, Printed April 2017. “Santa Fe is an inspirational place. Its geographical beauty, sheer mountains, singular light, Indian pueblos and traditional craft draw people who themselves become an inspiration for other artists.” According to John Feins from Tourism Santa Fe, it is not hard to understand why the area is attractive to so many talented crafters but one might still wonder how this little western town gained its international reputation and became the third marketplace for Art in the country, competing with L.A. and N.Y. All Trails lead to Santa Fe Santa Fe, oldest continually inhabited state capital in the... read more ❯

Winter Birding in the Okanogan Highlands
Published 11/25/2018 in Exploring Wildness Author Thomas Bancroft
Fancher Flats glowed in the fading light. Stefan said, “Scan the cliffs for Chukars. They go to roost up in the rocks. I hope we aren’t too late.” Nothing moved in the freezing air, and it was difficult to see into the shadows. The light had almost disappeared when a “chuck, chuck, chuck” came from our right. Over the next five minutes at least fifty Chukars climbed up the steep front. When they walked across snow patches, field marks were obvious, but they were just moving blobs on the talus. I noticed... read more ❯

At a Crossroads In Ethiopia
Published 11/10/2018 in Penny's Travels Author Penny Frederiksen
"At Crossroads" A mother with a baby on her back counsels a young child by the side of the highway in rural Ethiopia. This was my first photograph of everyday life in Africa and to me, it symbolizes where Africa stands today - "at crossroads" politically, economically, environmentally and culturally. read more ❯

Feelin' Like Elvis in Shiraz, Iran
Published 6/4/2018 in Stan Lee Pengelly's Travels Author Stan Pengelly
My fellow photographers and I were walking from our hotel in Shiraz, Iran to a dinner restaurant when something unusual happened: we were cheered by a carload of girls. Even in my glory days of youth and vigor, I never elicited excitement like this from any women, so to be sixty years old and have a carload of chador- and hijab-wearing girls hoot at me like I was Elvis was a shock. Though this was the most emotional reception thus far, my experience in Iran... read more ❯

Burning Chicken Fat
Published 5/28/2018 in Stan Lee Pengelly's Travels Author Stan Pengelly
I was walking through my hometown airport, waiting for my flight number to be called, when suddenly I had this intense desire to vomit.  It was almost lunchtime and one of the food vendors was cooking chicken on the other side of a barrier and the smell of burning chicken fat began to waft over into the hallway.  I don't get nauseated easily and when I thought about why I was reacting this way to chicken, my thoughts traveled back in time and place to the cremation grounds of the Shiva temple... read more ❯

An Epiphany in the land of plenty
Published 5/16/2018 in Living among the locals Author Yasmin Helal
Far away from home, I walked down a nameless street, in and out of nameless shops, buying products I never believed in. Weeks after meaningful words have left me. Just when I needed them the most. I’ve always been a talker, playing with words until they succumbed to my will. But now they have abandoned me. So did my healthy appetite and peaceful sleep. Abandoned. Left to my own devices. I remain in the dark. Here I am where kids attend music classes after school. Drinking clean water from the tab, long after the sewage have left my kidneys. Eating clean food... read more ❯

Dubai beaches
4 outdoor spots perfect for working out in Dubai
Published 3/24/2018 in Living among the locals Author Yasmin Helal
Winter time in Dubai and the UAE is definitely my favorite time of the year. This is the best to get out and enjoy the weather.  Thanks to venues like local gyms and Dubai Sports World, sports lovers were able to get some workout done without getting baked in the heat. As the weather continues to improve, the entire emirate is turning into a huge playground with plenty of outdoor venues for working out.  Here are just a few of them: 1. Park Workouts When it comes to exercising outdoors in Dubai, whether individually or in groups, parks offer some of the best options with a quiet atmosphere and vast green... read more ❯

FGM in Egypt
Are fears of legalization of female genital mutilation in Egypt real?
Published 3/23/2018 in Living among the locals Author Yasmin Helal
I wrote this during an internship that I did as a new journalist back in 2012. It was a time when I was still young, too young to know how to channel my anger in a healthy way. There was only one thing I was willing to hear from my interviewees, a big mistake in investigative journalism which I hope to correct in my current and future work. Looking back now, I doubt whether these UN statistics are accurate. So far, I haven't been able to find a single family in Cairo that practices FGM on their daughters. Of my four... read more ❯