Australia - Laura, Queensland. Laura Dance Festival July 3/4/5. 2020
Published 3/8/2020 in Penny's Travels
Author Penny Frederiksen
I am planning a trip to this region. If you are at all interested in seeing Australian Indigenous culture, then let's chat. read more ❯
Antarctica - December 2020
Published 3/7/2020 in Penny's Travels
Author Penny Frederiksen
I am planning a 4 week trip to South America. Antarctica - (11 days) Depart and return from Ushuaia, Argentina) Easter Island. (4 Days). If you are interested in joining me for any of these legs, then let's chat. read more ❯
The K-word
Published 9/30/2019 in Stan Lee Pengelly's Travels
Author Stan Pengelly
One of the biggest reasons I travel is to see what I expect to see but in an unexpected way. A fellow traveler and I were visiting the Constitutional Court of South Africa.  This place is where the South African Supreme Court resides and court cases are heard.  Through prior arrangement, we were given a tour of the Hall by two young people who worked there:  a white South African man who was a descendant of the Afikaaners and a black South African woman.  Both were born on or around the time when Apartheid was vanquished so they represented the new... read more ❯
The Wildflowers on Tronsen Ridge
Published 9/15/2019 in Exploring Wildness
Author Thomas Bancroft
Tronsen Ridge in the Cascades of Washington was loaded with blooming wildflowers when we hike there in more ❯
Paddling Alaska's Inside Passage - Getting Ready
Published 5/16/2019 in Traveler's Recital
Author Nathan Lake
I have decided to spend a couple of weeks this summer kayaking Alaska's Inside Passage in the vacinity of Wrangell. I will be taking the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Wrangell, AK on or about 6/21/2019. Then paddling in that general area, hopefully paddling up the Skikine river at least a little ways.  I will be taking the ferry back from Wrangell on July 3, arriving back in Bellingham on the 5th. I will be carrying a Gramin inReach which will report and map my location every hour while I am moving. You can view the map HERE. The tracking will... read more ❯