Hello fellow wanderers !

Profil (Mardin)Welcome to my travel writing page. Not that we can really call it that right now, but I wish it to become one of those pages you come back to, every once a while, to breathe a different air, taste an atypical atmosphere, step into an exciting adventure, embrace various realities, and push your through your next wander …

Although traveling is a personal experience for each of us, only a few solo travelers are actually able to make it all the way by – and solely by – themselves. An accomplished trip is most likely due to all the incredible people you meet along the road, and sharing these meetings once back seems – to me – to be the best way to rekindle and honor those precious encounters. I owe debt of gratitude to every single person I met along my way because they were the one who allowed me to travel.

How to find your way among the indecipherable signs without the old lady at the crossroad ? How to hitchhike a car if there is no one to drive one? Who to share a cup of tea with if there is nobody to offer you some? How to approach a culture if no soul opens his door to the stranger?

While people were essential to me on a practical level at the beginning of my trip, they quickly turned into the main leitmotiv of my journey but I had no idea I would encounter Humanity.


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