Who am I?

Hello. My name is Nathan Lake, and I am the founder of The Travel Writers. I am an experienced traveler, photographer, and writer. To support my “habit”, I am also a registered nurse and program manager. I created The Travel Writers to give a home to new writers and eventually to use this platform as a way of getting their work into the hands of editors, publishers, and others who need quality travel related content. All are free to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can see some of my photography work at OMG Photo.

Thank you,

Nathan Lake –

Who Are The Travel Writers?

The Travel Writers are photojournalists from around the world who understand the potential benefits of making their work available through a common portal. Using this site as our outlet allows us to offer a wide variety of work in a single location and enables a collaborative approach to marketing. It gives not only the casual reader, but editors, publishers and other content consumers the ability to find a wide assortment of content in less time. We recognize that having a large body of work is vital to attracting attention in today’s electronic world. The ability to display our work in aggregate, while still highlighting each member’s individual contribution, provides a higher level of visibility than can be created separately. We are dedicated to bringing you the best photographs and stories from around the word. We offer tales of out-of-the-way towns, hidden villages, and undiscovered treasures. Some of our work might be just slightly different than what you expect.

Our Purpose

It is the purpose of The Travel Writers to connect our members with the prospective consumers of their work. Through the use of a single, online presence, and active marketing of the group as whole, we expect to accomplish greater individual success then we could alone. Each member retains their independence and ownership rights to all their work. The Travel Writers is here only to support them in their efforts. The Travel Writers is not a “middle-man” standing between consumers of content and the creators of that content. We encourage our readers, including editors, publishers, and producers, to contact our members directly. Feel free to ask questions or discuss the commercial use of their work and possible assignments.

 Journalistic Integrity

We believe that journalistic integrity is one necessary component to success in this field. It is an expectation held by all editors and publishers when dealing with freelance journalists. Members of the Travel Writers voluntarily agree to support and adhere to the Code of Ethics as stated by the Society of Professional Journalists. Those who fail to operate within the SPJ Code of Ethics may be asked to leave our community.