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Leave Your Comfort Zone!

Welcome to my new travel photography blog. The discussions are one part advice and recommendations on photography, one part story telling of my worldwide adventures, and one part fun chats about my favorite places in the world. Hopefully, the posts are exciting and exhilarating for fellow travelers. Here is my short and sweet introductory post to what lies ahead.

Leave Your Comfort Zone!

Even seasoned travelers have moments of doubt, fear, and hesitation these days about getting on a plane and visiting another country. Terrorist threats, personal safety, political issues, cramped airline seats, time and hassles in airport security lines are only a few reasons to consider staying home. Making decisions about whether to bring on board a camera, a tablet or laptop, and batteries for any device are enough to make you return your suitcase to its long-term storage and retreat to the comforts of your person cave. All of a sudden a staycation starts to sound good.

Of course, there is the remorse you will feel when you realize you are “stuck at home” once again, dreaming about an island, special delicacies, a hang glider ride, and you are bored to tears. You know you like to travel, so get with the program and get out there. Leave your comfort zone and get up and go! Life is too short!

Building Reflections, London, England ©Yvonne J Butler, All Rights Reserved

Building Reflections, London, England ©Yvonne J Butler, All Rights Reserved

My latest travel adventure was an October trip to London and surrounding areas in England, for business and a little free time. I enjoyed every day of that time away, particularly exploring London and Brighton on foot, camera gear in hand. On return, the pat downs and unpacking-repacking of my pro gear hardly affected me. I was still grinning for getting a shot of clouds reflected on a glass building that challenge you to determine where the sky ends and the glass walls begin and end. The joy of travel, the benefits of meeting new people, the superb meals, time away from daily routine and, for me, getting that perfect shot, far outweigh twenty minutes of airport hassles on return. I cannot wait for my next travel adventure. The world is my comfort zone.


About Yvonne Butler

Yvonne Butler is a professional travel and fine art photographer who is a digital imaging pioneer. Yvonne is the editor and co-author of two published books on advanced digital photography and raw capture. She has traveled the world for four decades, and she has developed and led travel photography tours since 1999 when digital cameras hit consumer stores. What is she up to now? Well, in addition to blogging and travel writing, Yvonne has a full travel photo tour schedule to conduct in 2018-2019. Yvonne and in-country professional photographers will take you to exciting photo and culturally-fascinating locations in India, Ecuador/Peru, England, Nepal, and more. Tours are open to photographers and non-photographers, travel writers, travel professionals, birders, artists and others. Whether a mobile shooter or advanced amateur, you will receive guidance to step up your skill level. See

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