Living among the locals

Here’s how this Pharaoh turned ancient Egyptian art upside down

In Ancient Egypt, individuals were governed by strict religious and social guidelines. This can clearly be seen in the hard work that reflects in the enormous temples and pyramids across the banks of the Nile. However, during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaton, more commonly known to English speakers as Akhenaten, there was a sharp break away from the traditions that governed Egypt during…

This is what it was like growing up in Cairo during the 90’s

Yasmin Helal
The 1990’s were a pivotal era in Egypt’s modern history. It was the decade that witnessed a changing social climate, with an influx of migrants flooding from the rural areas to the capital, Cairo.  A significant portion of the population was pushed below the poverty line, and substantially, fewer mini-skirts were seen in the streets of urban centers. It was a time when Egyptians were…

How an Egyptian revolutionary impacted the Sri Lankan Muslim community

Colonel Ahmed Orabi Pasha was an Egyptian nationalist, revolutionary, and army leader back in 1881.  A figure that would later on serve as an inspiration to former President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Orabi led a social-political movement that expressed the discontent of the Egyptian educated classes, army officials, and peasantry with foreign control. His influence and ideologies culminated in the revolt against the Anglo-French dominated administration of…

Ancient Egyptian myths debunked

Luxor, Egypt
Intrigued by the pyramids and other outstanding landmarks, the world has been captivated with solving mysteries and finding answers pertaining to Ancient Egypt. But most of the stories you read are based on either outdated research or historical misunderstandings. Here are a few myths debunked and clarified: 1. Slaves built the pyramids Because the Pyramids of Giza were the highest buildings for almost…

The long way home

In Sri Lanka
I first moved to Dubai in 2005. I’m originally from Egypt but by then I had been living in the GCC for almost 10 years. Back then, Dubai Marina was just a couple of buildings, and Jumeirah Beach Residence was nothing but a sign in Sufouh pointing to a direction that no one knew anything about. The traffic light at…
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