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Best sunset spots in Mirissa

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Sunset at Bandaramulla Beach

Nature takes a new shape and form in the small town of Mirissa, located near the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka. Here, things that you would hardly notice elsewhere like sunsets are extremely scenic, attracting tourists and residents alike.

Full moons are also beautiful here and they mark public holidays in the Sinhalese calendar. Yet, this comes only second to the beauty of sunsets in Mirissa.

Watching sunset is so popular, with friends and couples heading to certain parts of the beach to enjoy the best view. Not only does watching Mirissa’s sunset offer a unique experience, it also costs nothing but those traveling on budget. 

I also heard that sunrises are equally scenic but I honestly never woke up early enough to see it for myself. With the help of my dear friends at Sri-Tours, I collated a list of the best spots to catch the sunset around this strip of beach.

Secret Beach

The Secret Beach is tucked in a small bay between the main beach area and the harbor. Hidden behind a coconut jungle, the place is not easy to find at first. But once you do find it, you will get to enjoy this secluded spot with calm waters and beautiful sunset views.

There is only one bar in this area and nature is the main highlight rather than the food or the drinks. So bring a book and a close friend and come here for the sunset.


Giragala is the local name for the Parrot Rock, which is a small island, located about 10 feet from the mainland between the main beach area and Bandaramulla Beach.

Once you make it to the top of the island, you’ll find a few benches that the local boys have built around here. Find your preferred spot and enjoy the fiery sun as it slowly disappears over the horizon.

Bandaramulla Beach

This is my favorite part of Mirissa. Not just because I lived there for two years but also because the water is calm, there are no loud parties and annoying drunk people, and it offers spectacular views of the sunset. This entire area from Giragala until the end of the bay offers quite scenic views at sunset.

Malima or Weligama Bay Villas

This is another perfect spot to view not just the sunset but also the entire bay as well as the harbor. Perched on top of a coconut jungle, the hotel’s restaurant has a perfect view of the entire town of Mirissa, offering the best spot to see Mirissa’s breathtaking sunset. Here, you can watch the fishing boats parked in the harbor, the Secret Beach, and the main beach area.

The Palace Mirissa

The Palace is located in the heart of the coconut jungle that separates the harbor and Secret Beach from the rest of the bay. Here, you will hear nothing but the weaves of the ocean and the sound of peacocks, creating the perfect setting to enjoy the sunset in tranquility.

The Harbor

Mirissa harbor itself is a very good place to spot the sunset. I myself have never been because it was so far from my residence at Bandaramulla, but almost everybody from Mirissa says that scenic fiery sunsets can be spotted from here.

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