The natural world has fascinated and amazed me for my whole life.  I have spent most of my professional career working to protect and restore natural ecosystems.   Through photography and writing I have tried to capture the unique and spectacular feelings that the natural world creates. The natural world invigorates my appreciation of the complexity of natural systems, wildlife and how organisms interact.   When I can be in a wild landscape enjoying these wonders, the stress of our rapid pace life drifts away.  My art is attempting to create that opportunity for the viewer to experience.  Birds have always been a key part of this fascination and amazement.  Watching and appreciating how they fly, feed, reproduce and live gives me a solid appreciation for life in general and how we care for the world.

I have a doctorate in ecology and my career has focused on delivering scientific information into the policy decision-making processes from local to international.  A major focus has been to implement policies that protect and restore wildlands and wildlife populations.  For 15 years, I worked on the restoration of the Everglades in Florida where changes in the management of water, loss of habitat, and fragmentation of remaining habitat has caused the endangerment of many species.  I then shifted to work on national level policies affecting national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests and public lands.   This brought me to the Puget Sound region in the Pacific Northwest.

Ever since I was a small boy on my parent’s farm in Pennsylvania, the natural environment has fascinated me.   It started with capturing minnows and crayfish with my sister, followed by searching for wild flowers with my mother, and then my own pursuit of birds. These experiences gave me a solid love for the natural world and understanding how it functioned.

Conservation of our natural world is critical to our quality of life and our economic future.  My art attempts to help people appreciate the spectacular quality of the natural landscape.  Through my essays, I try to convey my appreciation for the subject or scene.  The fine art landscape photographs hopefully will allow you to enjoy and experience wildlands and the organisms that depend upon healthy ecosystems.

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