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From the outside, the job of the travel writer appears to be glamorous…exciting…the dream job. For those of us living “the dream” we know the opposite is often true. Writing is hard work. And yet, we choose to continue living the dream. Not because we are gluttons for punishment, but because despite the hard work it can be very rewarding and not without certain benefits.

The trick is to hone all parts of your craft to the point that the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived headaches. For some that means generating a certain amount of money. For others it is a more visceral reward.

One part of the job that most writers dislike is the marketing and selling. Particularly for those writers just getting started, finding someone interested in publishing your work can take up as much of your time as the writing. That is why The Travel Writers was formed.

There are economies of scale produced when businesses or individuals work together. By bringing our work together in a single spot, it is our hope that we can become a go-to source for editors and publishers to meet their constant need for more content.

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