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Off the Beaten Path at the Taj Mahal

A good guide takes you to the places you expect to go and ensures you get the experience you paid for. A great guide digs deeper into your mind and finds out what you REALLY want and gives it to you. My guide Shashi at the Taj Majal was a great guide.   After a few minutes of working with me, he figured I didn’t just want to see the usual sites at the Taj Mahal but that I wanted to see it from an unusual perspective.

Seeing the Taj Mahal from Afar

Standing on a well wall to see the Taj from another perspective



















Soon we were jumping a fence here and there, hiking around a village and over mounds of the centuries-old detritus of the construction of the Taj to see It in another way.  What Sashi took me to was this little-known area to the east of the Taj in an area only the local villagers see.  From there the Taj could be viewed from a distance and not surrounded by a city but amidst trees and bushes.  It was a great perspective and like none I’d seen before in anyone else’s photography.  If I ever go back, I’d like to do so in the evening or morning because it is at those times and in that location is where I’m sure I could get a truly unique photo.  And when I do go back, I’ll have Shashi take me there.


About Stan Pengelly

I used to be an engineer and found that a very boring, uncreative pursuit.  So in 2005 I quit, walked away from the career and the college degrees.  Now, I own a small business and do a lot of foreign travel.  I love photography and mixed with my traveling I get to be as creative as I  want.