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Iguazu Falls Trip

Iguazu Falls as seen from the Brazilian Side

Iguazu Falls as seen from the Brazilian Side

For our 25th wedding anniversary, my wife and I visited Buenos Aires and Mendoza, which were lovely and fun.  However, the big surprise was visiting Iguazu Falls.  I guess I’d hadn’t done my homework about the falls because it was more majestic and impressive than I’d envisioned.  What’s more, the Argentine and Brazilian governments had done an excellent job of making these beautiful falls accessible to just about anyone able enough to walk and climb stairs.

The Iguazu River forms part of the boundary between Argentina and Brazil.  The crown jewel of this river is the Falls that are shared by both countries.  From the Brazilian side, the panorama of the entire falls can be seen and the downstream side of the falls is lined with a very well designed and maintained walkway.  At times shrouded in the mist from the falls, this metal and concrete path allows tourists easy access and plenty of points of view.

The Argentine side of the falls also has excellent walkways and paths.  However, from here tourists can get above and down into the Falls.  We took a five-hour walk with our guide which got us up close and personal with the impressive beast that is Iguazu Falls.  The conclusion of the tour included a boat ride in the river, below and actually into the Falls, with the warm water pouring over us.  This experience was not for the timid and we loved it.

Iguazu Falls is a “must see” natural wonder.  Our tour was arranged by Audley Travel and those folks did an excellent and thorough job planning it out and making all arrangements.

For this trip I made a music video which documented our Iguazu experience as well tango in Buenos Aires and wine tasting in Mendoza.  Have a look.

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