Nathan3I am not a life long photographer or writer. In fact, I have only in the past 10 years taken up a camera professionally and done any serious writing. Over the course of my lifetime I have served in the military, worked as a registered nurse, commercial diver, and software designer. My life  took a sharp detour many years ago when I found myself living in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal and actually wearing the robes for a short time. I was a good Buddhist, and I wish I was still. I continue to try to improve. I practice Kaizen of the soul in order to become a better traveler, friend, lover, and writer.

I have found my sitio (ref to “The Teachings of Don Juan”) here in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. I encourage you, if you do nothing else for yourself during this life, find your place in the world. It will enable you to discover a greater peace.

I found The One too…that really helps.