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Paddling Alaska’s Inside Passage – Getting Ready

I have decided to spend a couple of weeks this summer kayaking Alaska’s Inside Passage in the vacinity of Wrangell. I will be taking the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Wrangell, AK on or about 6/21/2019. Then paddling in that general area, hopefully paddling up the Skikine river at least a little ways.  I will be taking the ferry back from Wrangell on July 3, arriving back in Bellingham on the 5th.

I will be carrying a Gramin inReach which will report and map my location every hour while I am moving. You can view the map HERE. The tracking will be active as of today (May 16) so you can see some of my training paddles as I get ready. Please feel free to leave comments on the map page.

I doubt I will be posting much during the trip, but will give a full report upon my return.

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