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Traveling to Marrakech…Stop worrying

I talked to a lot of people as I was traveling on my way to Marrakech. Every one of them expressed concern over my safety. I have now been here two days and I can tell you now… Stop worrying. This is a very easy place to travel in. Most people are friendly. Like most places, people are just going about their lives and have no desire to harass Americans.  The French travel here in droves. Duh… everyone speaks French in Morocco.  The transportation system whether you are taking a train a bus or a taxi is very easy to use. Most people speak enough English to get by. Everyone speaks French. And of course they speak Arabic. I do have a couple of suggestions however.

Don’t eat at McDonalds. If you need fries wait till you get home.

Never… and I mean never get in a taxi until you know the price of your trip.  You will lose.

if you have multiple stops on your flight to Morocco, check your bag only as far as the last non Moroccan stop, reclaim it,  and check it again.  This will make it easier to track down your lost luggage.

Take haggling classes before you arrive. Try arguing with your mother in law if you can’t find a good haggling class.  Just as a tip, when someone trying to sell you something suggests a price, offer them half that much,  and do it with a smile.  And be ready to hear stories about all their kids and how difficult it is to feed them. Most Americans hate to haggle, because we have no experience. It really is a game,  enjoy it

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