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Traveling with “The One”

First, what is The One? Glad you asked. It is very simple. The One is that person that makes you feel as if you are on your “good spot” (READ HERE FOR MORE ABOUT THAT) no matter where you are. Traveling with “the one” is like bringing your good spot with you. Wherever you go with The One it always feels as if you are where you should be.

Traveling with The One makes sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours a satisfying experience…even on a domestic flight.

Traveling with The One makes all vacations just the right length.

Traveling with The One makes a trip to the island of Montserrat exciting.

Traveling with The One allows you to miss your flight, sit in an airport for 8 hours, and eat crappy airport food for multiple meals, and still make that trip the subject of a positive travel story.

Traveling with The One makes you really appreciate the fact you are not traveling with that irate, self-centered prick screaming at the woman working the ticket counter right after the airline cancels your flight because of snow.

Traveling with The One makes you a better traveler..a better person.

Do what ever it takes to never lose The One once you find him/her. Otherwise, the regret will be immediate, severe, and will last forever. And, if you think there might be two ones, then there are no ones.

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