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Sticker Shock – Shame on you Frontier

I have to admit I have not flown much in the past six months…a couple trips from Seattle to California. That did nothing to prepare me for the shock my wallet felt when I recently flew from Seattle to Denver on Frontier Airlines.

Let me start by saying I was not the one paying for this trip, but when I travel I try to treat my customer’s money as if it were my own. The price of the ticket was reasonable…a couple hundred dollars. When I went to check in, that is when the pain began. I logged in and began the checkin process. I noted that no seat assignment had been made and clicked to select a seat….FIRST SHOCK. Cha-Ching, $8 to select a seat. Make that $20 to select a seat with extra leg room. Holy shit are you kidding me? That was actually the least of the shocks I was to receive today.

Next…how many checked bags? One bag, $20…no big deal. That is pretty standard. However, if you fail to pay for that one bag during the checkin process, the price goes to $25 at the airport. Again, no big deal. This was only an overnight trip…no checked bag required. I like to travel light. One small carryon would do me. What’s this? Any carryon that won’t fit under the seat is $30. Don’t pay online during checkin and arrive at the ticket counter with a carryon…$35. Make it all the way to the gate without pre-paying for a carryon and that bag will cost you 50 f&@$ing dollars. Arrive at the gate with a bag that needs to be gate checked…you might as well plan on giving up your first born.

I have been in business for quite a few years now and understand the pressure airlines are under to make money. What I don’t understand is there lack of savvy when it comes to people. Most of us are willing to pay a reasonable price for a ticket, but the people I know hate to be nickel and dimed. It just feels sleazy. When I arrived in Denver the urge to take a shower and clean the greasy Frontier fingerprints from my backside was overwhelming.

Thank goodness they waived the fees for air during the flight. I had forgotten to bring my own SCUBA tank and my credit card was begging for mercy.

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