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    Nathan Lake

    If you have posted even a single article to TTW, you have probably already seen that getting the proper layout is not always easy. The text and the photos sort of flow around each other and you need to play with them a bit. Then, when you have it just right you notice that it does not look as good on your phone. Here are some basic tips that you should follow for every post.

    1. Previewing: Always preview your posts before publishing. There is a button in the upper right-hand corner of the edit window that allows you to do this. When previewing, don’t always have your browser maximized. Change the width of your browser to see how the post will look on a narrower monitor. Not everyone has 27″ screens.
    2. Featured Image: Assign a featured image to EVERY post. If you have no photo that fits the subject of the post, just use a photo of yourself. In the post edit window, at the bottom right (you might have to scroll down), there is place to select the “featured image”. This image is not actually within your post, but is the photo that the site will display when listing your post. It is always better to have a featured image.
    3. Insert photos last: It is much easier to get the layout right if you write all the text and then insert the photos.
    4. Limit the number of photos you place in the post: Placing a large number of photos in a post with only a small amount of text can make formatting the post harder. If you want to use a large number of photos, consider adding a gallery instead of inserting the photos directly. To do this, you must first create the gallery. Do this by clicking the Gallery link in the left-side menu. Once you have created a gallery, go into the post, position your cursor where you wish to insert it, and then click the Add Gallery button at the top.  Follow the direction from there.
    5. Placing your photos: Each photo can be positioned in a number of different ways within a post. To see this, insert a photo using the Add Media button. Once inserted, click on the photo and a small menu will appear either above or below the photos (in the screenshot it is below the photo). There are four ways to position your photo. Try clicking on each of the options.

    [caption id="attachment_10381" align="alignnone" width="439"]Positioning your photos Positioning your photos[/caption]



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