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Flying (general)

Anxious about flying – Consider “Mind Taming”

Anxiety occurs when we lose control of our thoughts and the negative ones begin to take control. A mind out of control is never going to be happy. I am not a therapist, and this article is not going to eliminate your fear of travel or flying, but it might give you some direction for … Continue reading »

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When Did Flying Become a Pain?

Let me say right up front, I have always loved flying. Whereas my mother is terrified by the simple idea of it, I have reveled in the experience since my earliest days. However my attitude has changed somewhat and I am not sure if it is me that changed, or the experience itself. Like most … Continue reading »

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Sticker Shock – Shame on you Frontier

I have to admit I have not flown much in the past six months…a couple trips from Seattle to California. That did nothing to prepare me for the shock my wallet felt when I recently flew from Seattle to Denver on Frontier Airlines. Let me start by saying I was not the one paying for … Continue reading »

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Boeing 787: The Air that You Breathe

There has been a lot written about the new Boeing Dreamliner (787). While the high tech carbon fiber construction, production delays, and problems with the lithium ion batteries have been getting all the news, this plane actually has some features that benefit your health and comfort. Anyone that flies much is aware that the air … Continue reading »

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