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Decision Making Part 2 – The Process

When you are traveling, particularly if traveling alone, you will need to make a constant stream of decisions, any one of which can royally screw up your day if you are wrong. What time do I need to leave for the airport? Should I check a bag or try to get by with just a … Continue reading »

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Eating Street Food and Staying Healthy

So, there you are in some out of the way corner of Mexico and your belly is empty. You have been out walking all day, and on the corner is a taco stand that has obviously been sitting there since the days of Poncho Villa. In fact, there is a really good chance that the guy … Continue reading »

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The Hotel Room Bardo – Traveling Alone

There have been times when I traveled alone, for both business and pleasure, and really enjoyed it. There have been times when I have done so and hated every second. When you are lying alone on a king size bed, looking out at the rain and trying to make some kind of plan for the day, you … Continue reading »

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Decision Making Part 1 – Advanced Preparation

Decision making may seem like a strange topic for a travel site, but traveling in today’s world requires a constant stream of rapid, well-reasoned decisions to enjoy your travel and sometimes even to stay out of trouble. For some, it comes easy. For others, not so much. Decision-making is a learned skill and the more … Continue reading »

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Anxious about flying – Consider “Mind Taming”

Anxiety occurs when we lose control of our thoughts and the negative ones begin to take control. A mind out of control is never going to be happy. I am not a therapist, and this article is not going to eliminate your fear of travel or flying, but it might give you some direction for … Continue reading »

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Traveling with “The One”

First, what is The One? Glad you asked. It is very simple. The One is that person that makes you feel as if you are on your “good spot” (READ HERE FOR MORE ABOUT THAT) no matter where you are. Traveling with “the one” is like bringing your good spot with you. Wherever you go with … Continue reading »

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Why We Love Returning Home

Anyone that loves to travel, and of course anyone that hates traveling, can tell you how good it feels to finally be home after a trip. No matter how pleasurable the trip, most of us love the feel of coming home. The question is, why? Why after 1 or 2 or 3 weeks in paradise … Continue reading »

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The Concept of “Add-A-Day”: Changing the Feel of Business Travel

I used to travel for business…a lot. When people ask me about my travels I can rattle off a long list of places I have been. When they ask what place I enjoyed the most, I used to have no answer. Like many business travelers, I have been all over the world and many times … Continue reading »

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Yellow Fever – Be Aware, But Not Afraid

During the 19th century, Yellow Fever was considered one of the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world. Today, with a readily available vaccine, the typical traveler has very little to worry about. That does not mean you can ignore the disease. Not only does some risk still exist even if you are vaccinated, but … Continue reading »

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That 5 Hour Flight Can Cause You Problems

We all know that being a couch potato, day, after day, after day, will have a negative impact on our physical health. We need some exercise to stay healthy. However, even for those of us that stay physically active, short periods of total inactivity can be problematic. Those 5+ hour flights, the all-day automobile drives, … Continue reading »

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