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Hike to Burroughs Mountain, Mt Rainier National Park

Mt Rainier is an iconic landmark that rises above western Washington in the United States. On a clear day, the white cone stands out against the landscape and can be seen from a hundred miles away. It has a presence that you can’t escape. The flight paths of many airplanes into the Seattle airport often […]

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Australian Pelican: A magnificent flyer

“Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican! His bill holds more than his belican. He can take in his beak Enough food for a week. But I’m darned if I know how the helican.” Dixon Lanier Merritt I lived in Florida in the US for over 23 years and became extremely familiar with Brown Pelicans […]

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Pale-headed Rosella: one gorgeous little bird

  Have you ever been walking through the woods and seen a bird, animal, or flower that just stopped you in your tracks? I had an experience like that in Northern Queensland. We had stopped at a camping area near Mt Carbine to look for birds in the dry forests in the area. For half […]

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