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Australian Pelican: A magnificent flyer

“Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican! His bill holds more than his belican. He can take in his beak Enough food for a week. But I’m darned if I know how the helican.” Dixon Lanier Merritt I lived in Florida in the US for over 23 years and became extremely familiar with Brown Pelicans […]

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Saltwater Crocodile: What do these words bring to you?

Saltwater crocodile: what goes through your mind when you hear these words spoken: Maybe man-eater, vicious, cold-blooded killer, scary reptile, tropical Australia, or maybe Crocodile Dundee movies? For me, I think magnificent crocodilian, prehistoric predator, an animal from the time of dinosaurs, and oh, do I want to see one in the wild. As I […]

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Laughing Kookaburra: a Stunning Member of the Kingfisher Family

When I was young, I loved going downstairs on Saturday mornings in mid-winter to watch Tarzan movies. Johnny Weissmuller’s call would reverberate through the house to my mother’s vexation. In my pajamas, I would curl up in a blanket on the floor in front of our black and white TV and become engrossed in the […]

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A Family Outing

I rounded the corner and spotted her sitting beside a bush. Her fine features, dainty little hands, and smooth curves took my breath away. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She flexed open and shut her delicate small fingers and brought her hands together and then apart as she chewed quietly on something. Occasionally, […]

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