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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mekong River Journey

I guess the problem was that nothing was what I thought it would be. Laos, I mean. The Mekong River. Traveling in the Third World is sometimes like that: you never know what you will experience, but it will always be memorable. The other tourists and I had a few hours before crossed into Laos … Continue reading »

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Mongolian Horse Trek Part Four: Thunderhoof Ride

The morning of the Thunderhoof Ride back to Lapis Sky Camp I was a little hung over. Way too much Mongolian vodka the night before. Let me tell you straight out that their vodka will make you go blind, or, at least in my case, make you lose your glasses. Somewhere between the bonfire where … Continue reading »

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Mogolian Horse Trek Part Three: Photographing the Naadam Horse Race

I’ve traveled with two pro photographers: Thomas Kelly (Mongolia) and Nevada Wier (Sri Lanka, Peru, China) and have learned from both.  I like to watch how they work and what they are looking for in a photo.  In this blog I’m going to describe how both teacher-photographers influenced a photo I made in Mongolia with … Continue reading »

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Mongolian Trek Part Two: Getting to Know the Neighbors

We travelers to Mongolia came to ride horses, sure, but also to see how the Mongolian Nomad lived.  Most of us had done our homework, reading up on Genghis Khan and the Mongol army of over millennia ago who conquered huge areas of Asia and Europe and their peoples.  That was college history class stuff.  … Continue reading »

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