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Road Trip Myanmar & Nagaland 2017 – Photographers Wanted.

Are you a photographer with Myanmar on your bucket list but don’t have anyone to travel with you?

You are in luck!

I have just returned from Myanmar and am looking for another couple to tag along on my next “road trip” in early December 2017

This is not a luxury tour – I want to keep the price down without the need to sleep in dorms or rough it.  There is nothing like having first-hand experience and with the assistance of people “on the ground” I am happy to have other photographers share the experience of seeing Myanmar without the hassle. Most transport will be via luxury coach, however, if you want to upgrade and travel by plane and meet up as I travel Myanmar with photography and culture in mind, then please consider joining me.

By travelling together, four people are able to keep the cost down by hiring a car with a driver for as little as $30.00 a day in the major towns of Yangon, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

I am still putting together an itinerary and it is open for discussion.

If you are at all interested, then please contact me and stay tuned for more information.

Kind regards


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2 Responses to Road Trip Myanmar & Nagaland 2017 – Photographers Wanted.

  1. Des

    Any room for non-photographers? Not much of a model either!

  2. Gabriela

    Being about to leave the country in a couple of months, everything is pure hassle around here right now. International moving -with kids- are not a piece of cake and December seems remote. But it caught my attention so much. I might be interested in joining. I just need to sort out my nearest future first. Which is the deadline? Is there a mailing list to subscribe to receive updates?


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