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Are You Up To The Challenge of Being a Tourist? – Consider Your Personal Fitness

You have found the type of vacation you want, researched the tours, booked the flights and hotels  but have you thought about your personal fitness level? Are you really up to the challenge of being a tourist? Travel can be hard work and very stressful. Long flights, jet lag, disrupted sleep, a tropical climate, unfamiliar … Continue reading »

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“Balloons Over Bagan” – Myanmar (Burma)

There is a well-known saying, “Bagan is (the) spirit of (the) history of Myanmar” and to fully understand the importance and complexity of the Buddhist influence over Myanmar then you really should treat yourself to a hot air balloon flight over the ancient city of Bagan. Although not yet awarded a UNESCIO World Heritage listing, this area is home to the … Continue reading »

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“So Little Time, So Much To Do” – Dust Off Your Backpack!

Do you remember those travel dreams you had when you were young? Hopefully, you were able to fulfil many of them and have some wonderful memories of holidaying on the Greek Islands or shopping at Harrods in London. For many women they think their travel dreams are over, just because they hit the “magic 60 … Continue reading »

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Not Just Another Tourist – A Dormant Desire to Serve Others

 A few years ago, I realized that purely being a tourist had lost its appeal for me. I wanted more out of my travels; where I could ‘give back’ to the country I was visiting.  I had a dormant desire to connect with people at a grass roots level and contribute in some way to help those … Continue reading »

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“Shh! If the Rhino Charges, We Climb a Tree” – Hiking In Nepal

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984, Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal, offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Asia. The park, which is situated approximately 150km southwest of Kathmandu, is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Clouded Leopard, Striped Hyena, One-Horned Indian Rhino, wild boar, deer, monkey, Gharial (crocodile), over … Continue reading »

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Travel Partners with Benefits – Can the relationship last the Distance?

  “The value of a relationship should not be measured by the length of time the relationship lasts, but by the strength of the bond that exists every moment you are together. When you eventually say goodbye, you need to appreciate the moments you had, more than you dread the moments you won’t have.”   “Guess … Continue reading »

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Discovering Cambodia’s Temples by Horseback

This was my opportunity NOT to see another tourist for the next four hours! The sun was low in the eastern sky and all I could hear was the clip-clop of my horse’s feet, as I rode along the dusty tracks on the outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Not many tourists equate riding horses in … Continue reading »

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Nepal – Mountains, Monasteries and Marriages

Dear Penny  My sister and I have been invited to our friend’s Hindu wedding in Kathmandu, Nepal, in September. We have been told that Nepal can be quite confronting and want to be well prepared. We are considering booking an “adventure tour,” as we both like hiking and photography. We are also interested in helping or volunteering at an orphanage. Do you have suggestions? We … Continue reading »

Categories: Adventure Travel, Destination, Nepal | 4 Comments

Why Women Want To Travel And Men Want To Lie On The Couch And Snore

As a member of a generation commonly referred to as a “Baby Boomer,” I have grown up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. Things might have been tough at different stages in my life but I had faith. With a bit of hard work and determination, payday would eventually come in the form of being able … Continue reading »

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Are You Up To The Challenge of Being a Tourist? – A Walk On The Wild Side With Penny

 So you have decided on a wonderful holiday in 2014. That is a great idea! You have found the type of vacation you want, researched the tours, booked the flights and hotels – but have you thought about your personal fitness level? Are you really up to the challenge of being a tourist? Travel can be … Continue reading »

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Family Road Trip 101

Does the idea of a road trip leave you with thoughts of the Griswold’s misadventure to Wally World? The good news is it doesn’t have to! Whether it is traveling to the beach, theme parks, visiting friends, relatives, national parks or cities, a road trip is often the way that most people get to experience the sites … Continue reading »

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2014 – The Year of Travel – Making a New Year’s Resolution

Making a New Year’s Travel Resolution is easy – achieving it is much more difficult. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Most often, New Year’s Resolutions fail because people don’t believe they can actually achieve their goal – to many, it is just a dream. The key to accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution is by planning how you can unlock those travel dreams and make … Continue reading »

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5 Tips for Travel During The Festive Season

Travel can be stressful at the best of times so consider this little check list to make your Christmas travel enjoyable and stress-free. 1. Have Realistic Expectations Don’t expect the rest of the world to run on your schedule. Consider flight delays due to weather conditions, long lines, traffic and people being tired and stressed. … Continue reading »

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Making The Big Decision

Whether you are a young, solo, 18 year-old departing on a Gap Year or a ’50- something” single woman, we all face a time in our lives when we want to travel. Women like to travel for several reasons: memories, adventure, romance, or just to connect with other people and better understand humanity. I travel … Continue reading »

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How to Travel With Children – Airport Stop Over

Dear Penny, I will be traveling with my 3 & 4 year old children soon and have a four hour airport stop over. Can you please give me some tips on how I can survive this! – Holly *** Thanks for your question Holly! From personal experience, my advice when it comes to traveling with … Continue reading »

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