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Once we were just writers or photographers, but no more. Today we are photojournalists. We are multimedia storytellers. We are the modern day troubadours, bringing words, photos, and video to you from all the places we go and the people we meet. We tell our stories and their stories. We tell stories of adventures you might have had, or will someday have. We seek to inspire and excite. We bring the world to you in case you can’t go to the world.

We encourage you to stop, look, and listen. And as Vyasa said, “If you listen carefully, at the end you’ll be someone else.”
Thank you

Nathan Lake (Founder – The Travel Writers)

The following posts have been shared by members of our Facebook Group – The Travel Writers Trips, Tips and Pics



By Passports & Plates

How to Pick the Perfect Airbnb

Accommodation/Airbnb – Hosting by Penny Frederiksen (The Travel Writers)

Strangers Now Sleep In My Bed – How My Travels Influenced My Decision To Become A Home-Stay Host

Accommodation – Australia (Melbourne) by Wyld Family Travel 

Why you need to stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in St Kilda

Advice – by Nathan Lake (The Travel Writers)

The Path We Choose

Advice – by Nathan Lake (Part 1)  (The Travel Writers)

Decision Making Part 1 – Advanced Preparation

Advice – by Nathan Lake (Part 2)  (The Travel Writers)

Decision Making Part 2 – The Process


Advice – by Penny Frederiksen (The Travel Writers)

Time is a Traveller – Choices and Remembering With Kindness

Advice – by Wayfaring Voyager

I Cut All My Hair Off for Travel: And I Have No Regrets

Americas – by Contented Traveller.

18 Best Outdoor Adventures in The Americas

Antarctica by SKJ Travel

Animals – 

The Rufous-bellied Pademelon by Thomas Bancroft  (Exploring Wildness)

A Family Outing

Armenia – by Ellis Veen (Backpack Adventures)

Armenia’s Highlights with ONE WAY TOUR

Australia – by Wyld Family Travel

Austria – by Travel Moments in Time

What to do on a Monday in Vienna



Balkans – Road Trip by Lil’s Travel Plans

BALKANS ROAD TRIP ITINERARY – 3 weeks in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania

Bangladesh by Stan Pengelly (The Travel Writers)

Bangladesh Trip, Part 1

Bangladesh, Part 2 by Stan Pengelly (The Travel Writers)

Bangladesh Trip Part 2

Bangladesh, Part 3 by Stan Pengelly (The Travel Writers)

Bangladesh Trip Part 3

Belgium, Ghent by Lili’s Travel Plans

HIGHLIGHTS OF MY HOME COUNTRY – What I love about Ghent, Belgium

Birds by Thomas Bancroft (Exploring Wildness)


Australian Pelican: A magnificent flyer

Pale-headed Rosella: one gorgeous little bird

Laughing Kookaburra: a Stunning Member of the Kingfisher Family

Bald Eagles in the Fog along Puget Sound


Borneo – Food by Globe Trobe

The Ultimate Guide To Places To Eat In Kota Kinabalu

Brazil – by Stan Pengelly (The Travel Writers)

Iguazu Falls Trip

Bucharest by Inspired to Explore

Budgets – by My Five Acres

The Simple Travel Budget Formula (for Busy People)



Canada – Niagara Falls by Cheers to Traveling

Things to do on a budget in Niagara Falls

Canada – Toronto by Justin Plus Laurenveling 

Top 150 Things to Do in Toronto Canada

Canada –  Osoyoos, British Columbia by Nathan Lake (The Travel Writers)

Osoyoos, British Columbia

Chile -Cochamo Valley by Cheryl Busby Talbert 

An unexpected life-list adventure in the Cochamo Valley, Chile


Colombia – Bogota  by Unlatinoverde

First-Time Colombia: What to Expect on Your Trip to Bogotá

Cuba – by Noémie Trusty (Vagabondances)

Cuba  Santiago – by Blaine Bonham (The Travel Writers)

Cuba I: Santiago — A City of Rhythms

Cuba – Camaguey by Blaine Bonham (The Travel Writers)

Cuba II — On the Road to Camaguey

Cuba – Trinidad by Blaine Bonham (The Travel Writers)

Cuba III: Trinidad de Cuba

Cuba – Havana by Blaine Bonham (The Travel Writers)

Cuba IV: Havana!

Czech Republic – Earth Attractions

A day in Brno, Czech Republic; travel guide

Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio by Road Affair

Czech Republic -SPINDLERUV MLYN by  Sofiane Taleb




Egypt by Passports and Plates

My Cairo Travel Guide: Five Experiences Not to Miss

Europe by Lilis Travel Plans


Fashion by  Passing Thru 

One Tribe Apparel and Elephant Nature Park

France  Toulouse – by Albom Adventures

Romanesque Sculpture and Frescos Inside the Basilica of St Sernin Toulouse

France – by Travelsewhere

Watching the Tour de France Live from the Roadside


General – by wengthewanderer

Do we have to quit our jobs just to travel?


Germany – Berlin by Justin Plus Lauren

Vegetarian & Vegan Hotel in Berlin: Almodovar Hotel

Germany – Berlin on a Bike  by Justin Plus Lauren

Berlin on Bike: Alternative Berlin Bike Tour



Mykonos by The Fit Traveller

Mykonos by Contented Traveller

Exploring Mykonos by Quad Bike


Guatemala – The Wayfaring Voyager


Tiny Island, Lots to Love: Exploring Flores, Guatemala



Hong Kong – by Gordon E Arthur

Top 5 Things to Do During a Layover in Hong Kong




Iceland by Wyld Family Travel

Do’s and Don’ts for Iceland

Indonesia – Java by My Travel Recitals

There’s more to Indonesia than Bali – Secrets of Java

Ireland – Dublin by Where is Tara

20 Things to do in Dublin – A Local Guide

Israel by Vagrants of the World

Old City Jerusalem. A Travel Photography Guide.

Visuals of Israel. Journey Through The Holy Land

Small Group Tours of Israel. [The Best Way to See Israel].

Italy Bellagio, Lake Como by Lillis Travel Plans

DOLCE FAR NIENTE AT ITS BEST – Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Italy – Liguria by Take Me Home Italy

Italy – Amalfi by George Febish

Amalfi, Italy

Italy – Casal Velino by George Febish

Italy – Puglia by George Febish

Italy – Venice by Revolving Compass

A Venice walking tour

Venice hop on hop off tour

Italy – Luxury Columnist

On the Trail of Romeo and Juliet in Verona

Supermercati by Postcardz from Victoria 

♦Let’s Go Shopping at a Supermercato in Italy♦


Japan -by Gordon E Arthur

A Weekend in Kyoto

Japan – Toyko  by Gordon E Arthur 

Try An all you can Drink Sake Tour in Tokyo

Kathmandu by Kat Pegi Mana:

4 Must-See Places in Kathmandu for First-Timers


Latvia by Passports & Plates

5 Cool Things to Do in Riga, Latvia


Lisbon by Wyld Family Travel

Visiting the amazing Castelo St George Lisbon – updated 2017

Lisbon by Marcela Faé 


Going Local shows you what to do in Lisbon with James



Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) by Life..One Big Adventure.

A Frantic 24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Mongolia Part 1  – by Stan Pengelly (Stan Lee Pengelly’s Travels – The Travel Writers)

Mongolian Horse Trek, Part One: The Wild Ride

Mongolian Trek Part Two: Getting to Know the Neighbors

Mogolian Horse Trek Part Three: Photographing the Naadam Horse Race

Mongolian Horse Trek Part Four: Thunderhoof Ride

Montenegro by Snezana Popara 


Montreal – by Roar Loud 

Bewitching Street Art and More at Montreal’s Mural Festival

Morocco Marrakech by Nathan Lake (The Travel Writers)

Traveling to Marrakech…Stop worrying

Moscow – by Globe Trove

The Folding and Twisting of a Miocene Lava Flow

Myanmar – Photography by Leo Smith

Myanmar – by Penny Frederiksen (The Travel Writers)

Postcard from Penny – Putting On A Face In Myanmar




New Zealand 


Road Trip by Just Traveling Solo

Northern Ireland by Albom Adventures

Giants Causeway Coastal Route: Rock Features, Rope Bridge, Ruins


Oman by Albom Adventures

Places to Visit in Muscat: Grand Mosque Oman



Patagonia by Cheryl Busby Talbert (Happy Tramper)

A River of Ice on the Paine Circuit, Far-South Patagonia


Pets – by Travel Moments In Time

Pet travel tips: when you should leave your dog at home

Philippines – Cebu by Travelicious

Becoming a Local in Cebu City

Philippines – Coron Island by Whisper Wonderlust

Phillippines – El Nido by Whisper Wonderlust

El Nido – all you need to know about Tour A


Photography by The Sane Travel

Peru by Wandering Wagars 

Visiting Machu Picchu with Kids

Peru by Globe Trolling Kids

Photography by Travel Moments in Time.

How being a travel blogger influences the way you take photos

Poland – Travelsewhere 

9 Things to Know Before Visiting Poland

Portugal by Cheryl Busby Talbert



Reverse Culture Shock by The Wayfaring Voyager 

Reverse Culture Shock: The Struggle Is Real


Scotland –  Travel Scout Adventure

Three Days in the Highlands Was Not Enough

Serbia – Accommodation by The Wyld Family

Holiday Inn Express Belgrade Serbia Reviewed for family Travel


Seychelles Islands – by George Mostert

Tips For Visiting Seychelles Islands Paradise

Spain – by Amy Copadis


10 things the rest of the world can learn from Spain

Sri  Lanka by My Travel Recitals

Sweden – Stockholm by Gordon E Arthur


Thailand – Volunteering with Animals by Penny Frederiksen

Not Just Another Tourist – Volunteering with Animals

Thailand – by My Video Media  Blog

From Ubon Ratchathani to Khong Chiam


 Travel Tips by Road Affair

7 Companies That Will Enhance Your Travel Experience

Moving Back Home  – Leaving your place Abroad by Daniel Horowitz

Moving Back Home – Leaving Your Place Abroad


Uganda – by Grand Escapades

Mixed Feelings About Murchison Falls National Park

The United States of America 

Albany, Oregon –  by Nancy Zaffaro (Confetti Travel Cafe)

Northwest Small Towns: Visit Albany, Oregon


Albany, Oregon  – by  Nancy Zaffaro (Confetti Travel Cafe)

Albany, Oregon’s Vibrant Culinary Scene

Arizona by Travel Scout Adventure

5 Northern Arizona Outdoor Day Trips

Food by My Travel Diary USA

American Breakfast by Denny’s

Hawaii by Earths Attractions

A Mini-Guide to Oahu, Hawaii

 Independence Day – by Nadeen (The Sophisticated Life)

8 Unique 4th of July Celebrations & Destinations!

Independence Day – 4th July by My Travel Diary USA

4th of July Independence Day

Kansas City  by Backroad Planet

7 World-Class Kansas City Museums

Louisiana by Backroad Planet

Explore Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Netherland Ranch by My Diary USA

Wo liegt die Neverland Ranch von Michael Jackson

New York – Troy,  by Travels in the 2nd half

New York City by  Violeta Loredana (Earth Attractions)

New York State by Travels in the 2nd Half


Washinghington DC – By Kate Howard  ( Confettitravel)

8 Best Places to Eat in Washington DC

Washington State – Neah Bay by Nathan Lake (The Travel Writers)

Washington State – by Thomas Bancroft

The Folding and Twisting of a Miocene Lava Flow

Vietnam  by Globe Trove

Neah Bay – Boats, Eagles, and Quiet

Going Local shows you what to do in Lisbon with James

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