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5 Tips for Travel During The Festive Season

Travel can be stressful at the best of times so consider this little check list to make your Christmas travel enjoyable and stress-free.

1. Have Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect the rest of the world to run on your schedule. Consider flight delays due to weather conditions, long lines, traffic and people being tired and stressed.

2. Be Organised

Use a checklist and don’t leave things to the last minute.

3. Tech Savvy

Make good use of your smart phone. Take advantage of e-tickets, apps and checking in via your phone. This may help you skip long lines at the airport.

4. Get to the Airport on Time.

It sounds simple, but the number of people I see each Christmas having a meltdown because they missed their flight is lengthy.

5. Drive and Revive

When driving, stop every 2 hours for a break. Keep some coffee in a thermos and protein bars for energy. Pack food/snacks/drinks/video games for the children.

Happy Holidays!

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