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Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to Travel With Children – Airport Stop Over

Dear Penny, I will be traveling with my 3 & 4 year old children soon and have a four hour airport stop over. Can you please give me some tips on how I can survive this! – Holly *** Thanks for your question Holly! From personal experience, my advice when it comes to traveling with … Continue reading »

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Escape to Paradise This Holiday Season

Many Australians travel to Thailand each year because it provides great value for their dollar. Increasingly, Thailand is becoming a top international holiday destination for families. Dear Penny, I need your help. This year I am going to get in early and plan our family vacation, so that I can take advantage of the travel specials … Continue reading »

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Sri Lanka: An Exotic Honeymoon Destination

Nathan Lake (The Travel Writers) organised a photographic trip to Sri Lanka in 2012 which I was fortunate enough to be part of. I am often approached by young couples wanting something a little different for their honeymoon destination  and  Sri Lanka definitely fits the bill. Photographs by Nathan Lake OMG Photo Dear Penny, My partner (who is … Continue reading »

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Does Size Matter?

Hints on how to choose the right luggage for your next travel adventure. When it comes to selecting new luggage, “Yes, size does matter!” A few years ago, I remember purchasing the largest suitcase possible and I was never stopped at any airport check- in counter (luckily!) I did however, feel sorry for the porters … Continue reading »

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How to Research Your Travel Destination

It always pays to be a well informed traveler. This “how to” will help you research your travel destination. Our desire to travel to a destination is often accompanied by a visual image; snow- capped mountain lodges or the bright lights of Las Vegas. Images all tell a story and awaken a longing to experience this … Continue reading »

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Blisters, Breakouts and Broken Heels

How to pack for your travel destination. Penny’s Packing Essentials 1.  Wet Wipes  – Great for clean ups, but also for spot cleaning clothes. If I am stuck at the airport, it is amazing how much better I feel with a quick freshen up. 2.  Bottle of Water – Heaven’s Gift. Not only does it … Continue reading »

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What Sort of Traveler Are You?

This article will help travelers understand what they want in a holiday. My idea of a great holiday is to learn, understand and be visually stimulated by the scenery and the people I meet along the journey. Capturing that experience through photographs is such a bonus. Time, income, interests and  health all vary over your lifetime … Continue reading »

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