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About Penny

Penny with orange shirtPenny enjoys writing for an online women’s magazine (Glam Today Magazine) where she hopes to inspire readers to travel and explore the world.

She is also a regular contributor for publications in Russia, The United Kingdom and South East Asia.

Penny  lives in rural Australia and her love affair with travel and photography started at a very young age..the National Geographic Magazines at her local dentist!

” I loved the wonderful stories and photographs – they brought history and culture alive.”

Penny’s independent, solo travel started about 10 years ago, when she realized all her friends had no interest in photography and getting into the backstreets and villages of Asia.

She enjoys traveling to exotic locations each year both on photography tours and by herself, showing other women that with planning and confidence, they too can visit worldly destinations on their own. Some of her most recent destinations include: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, UAE, Turkey,India, Nepal and Myanmar.

“Travel makes me step outside my comfort zone and get a better prospective of the world around me”



4 Responses to About Penny

  1. Allan Scadden

    Do not think travelling as a solo man is all beer and skittles. I think I am lucky to meet and travel with my US based travel chum. We have now completed two journeys together one to India in 2012 and now a road trip through USA and Caribbean cruise.

    Keep up writing the articles!!

  2. Ben Burger

    A wonderful website, Penny. Just watched it, but for your writings I will look another day (now it is too late in the night here). I hope I once will come back with my own website, For many years I had one, but I can’t get it online anymore.

    • Penny

      Thank you very much for your comments Ben. Nathan Lake is the founder of The Travel Writers and he has worked very hard to bring our articles to the attention of editors, publishers and producers.

  3. Lee

    Nice to learn a little more about you. 🙂 Happy and safe travels!

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