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Are You Up To The Challenge of Being a Tourist? – A Walk On The Wild Side With Penny

 A walk on the wild side - creek (640x480)So you have decided on a wonderful holiday in 2014. That is a great idea!

You have found the type of vacation you want, researched the tours, booked the flights and hotels – but have you thought about your personal fitness level?

Are you really up to the challenge of being a tourist?

Travel can be hard work and very stressful. Long flights, jet lag, disrupted sleep, a tropical climate, unfamiliar food, standing on your feet for long periods of time and carting your luggage around, all places stress on your body.

Personal fitness, like all investments needs research, planning and regular contributions to make the outcome worthwhile.

In this case, you need to be fit enough to take advantage of all the activities on offer.

Consider Your Destination

If you are thinking of joining a professional adventure racing group or trekking to Mt Everest, then you really need to hire a personal trainer, do some serious gym work-outs and get into shape – months before the trip. For most of us however, a moderate fitness level is good enough to scale the ruins of Ankor Wat, snorkel The Great Barrier Reef or do some serious shopping in LA.

If you do not already have a regular fitness program in place then now is the time to start.

Traveling overseas or have a pre-existing medical condition?

You should consult a medical practitioner and dentist at least 6 weeks before departure.


Exercise has always been important to me and just because I live 25km (a little over 15 miles) from the nearest gym, doesn’t mean I cannot do something which will not only benefit my body but my soul as well. I am also not fond of vigorous exercise, so I simply walk for 30 minutes each day, which will ensure I have an adequate fitness level for my upcoming trips abroad.

Just half and hour of walking each day has shown to increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, strengthen bones and boost power and endurance. My regular routine of an early morning walk, sets the pattern for the day.

I think more clearly and it gives me time to plan my busy day ahead. I never have to worry about not being able to fall asleep at night, because getting up early regulates my sleep pattern.

We all have stress in our lives and it is important to know how to deal with it effectively. I find walking each morning, incorporated with a healthy balanced diet, not only keeps my body toned, but the biggest benefit is it allows me the time to concentrate on being grateful for what I have – not the things I don’t have!


I am fortunate to live on a farm in country Queensland, Australia. A small creek runs through my property and this provides the backdrop to my early morning walks. Sometimes this creek can be a raging torrent or stone dry, just depending on the time of year. It is also home to many native animals. A stroll down by the creek also provides me with a wonderful sense of adventure and takes me back to my childhood, when I so badly wanted to live in a cave and tame wild creatures.

With my two cats, Able Sea Cat Simon, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a little white, fluffy dog, Marley, we set out after sunrise to walk for 30 minutes each morning. This is not a power walk but it does powerful things for my mind.

There are some winter mornings when I would rather stay in my warm bed and not crunch through the frosty grass down to the creek , but then I remember there are 3 animals outside waiting for their morning adventure. For Simon, Buffy and Marley, it is a “Walk on the Wild Side.”

I take my camera and I view the world through their eyes – a water hen darting across the steaming water, a fox looking for mice in the barley paddocks, a kangaroo munching on fresh, dewy grass, a deadly brown snake crossing our path or just another beautiful sunrise over the mountains, heralding a perfect day ahead.

When I walk with my animals I think about all the things which make me appreciate the amazing life I have experienced so far. Living in a free country, having an education, not having restrictions placed on my desire to travel independently, great friends who inspire me to be creative and my four independent children, who are making their way in this world with a passion to reach for the stars, but also with a compassion for those less fortunate. I feel better already and my day has only just started!

Yes, we all have so many things to be grateful for.

sunrise emu valeSunrise on my farm in Queensland, Australia.

I love traveling, exploring new cultures and finding out for myself what makes this planet Earth, the unique place it is – but I have to be fit to enjoy the experience!

An early morning work does wonders. Try it and hopefully, you will find the rewards will outweigh the desire to stay under the covers and groan about how bad your life is. You have invested a lot of money to go on holidays, so make sure you will be fit enough to get a good return.

Walking is fun and simple but also take the time to reflect on what you have to be grateful for.

marley and simon at creek for storyAn early morning walk is not only important for my well-being but also for my animals, Marley and Able Sea Cat Simon.

Happy Travels.





About Penny Frederiksen

Penny enjoys writing for a variety of blogs and magazines where she hopes to inspire readers to travel and explore the world. She is a regular contributor to publications in Russia, The United Kingdom, and South East Asia. Penny lives in rural Australia and her love affair with travel and photography started at a very young age..the National Geographic Magazines at her local dentist! ” I loved the wonderful stories and photographs – they brought history and culture alive.” Penny’s independent, solo travel started about 10 years ago when she realized all her friends had no interest in photography and getting into the backstreets and villages of Asia. She enjoys traveling to exotic locations each year both on photography tours and by herself, showing other women that with planning and confidence, they too can visit worldly destinations on their own. Some of her most recent destinations include Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, UAE, Turkey, India, Nepal, and Myanmar. “Travel makes me step outside my comfort zone and get a better perspective of the world around me”

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