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Making The Big Decision

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Whether you are a young, solo, 18 year-old departing on a Gap Year or a ’50- something” single woman, we all face a time in our lives when we want to travel.

Women like to travel for several reasons: memories, adventure, romance, or just to connect with other people and better understand humanity. I travel because I love to learn and have fun experiences.

Traveling with someone you get along with is wonderful, but let’s face it -“ Mr Wonderful” may not have the desire, time or money to travel with you!

I am always surprised at the comments I receive from friends who want to travel, but feel they are unable to: school, boyfriends, jobs, commitments, husbands, children, cats and dogs, no one to go with etc. Each friend indicating “I wish I could BUT…” Why then, do the women I meet at the airport or on the road all say, “I wish I had done this years ago?”

The solution is pretty simple. The most important thing you have to do is take that initial step and say, “I am going to travel, I may have to travel by myself, but I will do this.”

Your trip does not have to mean going on a long, extended overseas holiday; it can be something short and within your area at first, but you have to get used to the idea that unless you make it happen, it will not happen.

Let your journey begin…


If you know you may get some resistance from loved ones, start out by saying, “I want to go on a vacation, I would  love to see…” Ask your family about places they have been and get them involved in selecting something with you. Most people who have not travelled only see the outside world via the news on TV, and for that item to be broadcast-worthy, it most often involves bad news. But keep in mind, the chances of something tragic happening while you are on your trip are pretty slim, especially when you consider how may solo people are traveling everyday around the world.

Be strong and don’t waiver. Going to school on the first day was pretty hard too, but we all managed to compete that part of our life. Consider making the decision to travel, to be another part of life’s journey.

There will be times when your heart nearly jumps out of your chest, but most times it will be because you got to see The Grand Canyon, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Coliseum in Rome.

I remember learning about Egypt at a small country school. My dream was to one day go and sit on one of those big rocks that make up the Pyramids.

When I did get to sit on one of those big rocks, I thought back to my time at school and said to myself:

“If I can do this then anyone can!”

So make it happen!


Happy Travels





About Penny Frederiksen

Penny enjoys writing for a variety of blogs and magazines where she hopes to inspire readers to travel and explore the world. She is a regular contributor to publications in Russia, The United Kingdom, and South East Asia. Penny lives in rural Australia and her love affair with travel and photography started at a very young age..the National Geographic Magazines at her local dentist! ” I loved the wonderful stories and photographs – they brought history and culture alive.” Penny’s independent, solo travel started about 10 years ago when she realized all her friends had no interest in photography and getting into the backstreets and villages of Asia. She enjoys traveling to exotic locations each year both on photography tours and by herself, showing other women that with planning and confidence, they too can visit worldly destinations on their own. Some of her most recent destinations include Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, UAE, Turkey, India, Nepal, and Myanmar. “Travel makes me step outside my comfort zone and get a better perspective of the world around me”

4 thoughts on “Making The Big Decision”

  1. Yes, I agree. It’s always hard to decise to go somethere (not connected with your job) alone. If you are a man it’s ok to travel alone but if you’re a women and go alone something wrong wiht you))

  2. Well said! I have been traveling all of my life so it just comes naturally to me.

  3. Your advice is quite sound. I think making the decision to go alone or with a spouse or even a travel chum can be a new awakening. I have been off and going for three years and I am already planning year 4. Good luck Penny I will keep reading your site.


  4. Couldn’t agree with you more, Penny. Life is full of difficulties and obstacles. A person has a decision to make – use the problem as a reason “not to” or as a challenge to face and overcome. It’s not easy to overcome challenges, but it’s worthwhile. As you say, it starts with making the decision to address the challenge. Then, by breaking the ultimate goal down into smaller, more “do-able” pieces, you can begin to make progress – one step at a time. All of this of course applies to many things in life including solo travel. And I might add that, while of course solo travel presents an extra set of challenges for the lady traveler, men also must find ways to face and deal with many solo travel challenges as well. Whoever you are, solo travel can be very safe and enjoyable as long as you are smart about it and make wise decisions along the way. Bottom line – solo travel is neither good nor bad – it is different. It’s the old “glass half empty / half full” deal. Focus on the difficulties of solo travel and what it lacks, let the challenges overwhelm you, and you will stay home. Or, embrace the advantages and adventures of solo travel, find ways to deal with the challenges, and explore the wonders of the world and it’s people.

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