A River of Ice on the Paine Circuit, Far-South Patagonia

The notorious Patagonian weather had been following us uphill for most of the day as we made our approach to the ‘crux’ of the Torres del Paine Circuit trek in Chilean Patagonia: John Gardner pass at 4660’ elevation.  I know, less than 5000 feet, shouldn’t be much of a big deal – but at 51 […]


A Gift of Glory – Sunrise over Cerro Torre, Patagonia

The firefly glow of our headlamps mapped out the winding trail through trees and boulders to the moraine, the ghostly spire of Cerro Torre just peeking over the top.   Cresting the ridge, across our field of view was luminescent ice, vertical rock and water: Laguna Torre and behind it a row of high sheer pinnacles […]