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Iguazu Falls Trip

For our 25th wedding anniversary, my wife and I visited Buenos Aires and Mendoza, which were lovely and fun.  However, the big surprise was visiting Iguazu Falls.  I guess I’d hadn’t done my homework about the falls because it was more majestic and impressive than I’d envisioned.  What’s more, the Argentine and Brazilian governments had done an excellent job of making these...

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The Tampa Bay Comic Con: a Photographer’s GOLDMINE

I’m always looking for new and unusual subjects to photograph, so when I saw billboards advertising the Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016 I knew I found what I was seeking.  I had read of other comic cons (comic book  conventions) and knew that this place would be a goldmine for a photographer.  Imagine a place loaded with people dressed up to look like The Joker, Harley Quinn (Joker’s girlfrie...

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A clever way to use flash

I deeply admire the foreign travel photographer Nevada Wier.  Her photography is beautiful, elegant and innovative.  I’ve traveled with her five times and have taken two photography seminars from her. The most recent seminar, among other techniques, she taught me how to use flash in a very clever way.  She stresses that a camera flash shouldn’t be used simply when there isn’t muc...

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My Camera, Horse Drawn Carriages, and Cartagena

Probably one of my best experiences doing travel photography was when I was in the historical district of Cartagena, Colombia.  Our tour leader, a woman with world-class skills both as a photographer and as a teacher, brought us to a quaint street to watch and photograph horse drawn carriages as they strolled by.  There were some tables and chairs set out and via a waiter, we could order beer, rel...

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My Walk on the Wild Side

I think it is safe to say that many people travel so they may see and experience something new; at least that is my motivation. The fact is, though, we travelers don’t need to go thousands of miles to do this. Instead we can visit something completely beyond our usual experience and not travel but a few miles.   So a few months ago, I attended a photography night at a local Bondage and ...

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