Discovering Cambodia’s Temples by Horseback — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Penny, thank you for this article. We may eventually want to visit Cambodia (and of course Siem Reap) next year, and I do also always look for that kind of “alternative experience”.
    Should you have any recommendations, I would love to hear….

  2. Thank you Beatrice for your kind comments. When I travel I like to connect with the locals, and there is no better way than to arrange a homestay with a family for a couple of nights. Homestays are inexpensive and provide such an insight into the customs and everyday life of the people.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Penny,
    I just love this post. It appeals on a number of levels. It is truly authentic travel and you get off the beaten track in a touristy place. I visited Siem Reap with a friend way back in 2002 and we went to Banteay Srei, a tiny temple with ornate sculptures in the middle of nowhere. We were by ourselves for almost an hour before anyone else arrived. I guess that would be unlikely to happen now…

  4. Thanks Gearoid for your comments. The ride through the paddy fields on a horse with one eye was pretty adventurous, however, then to encounter children playing in the temple ruins on their way to school, felt like I was part of a movie set.

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