Don’t Blog, Write

Writing by any other name is NOT as sweet.  Don’t  be a blogger…be a writer. If you are looking to differentiate yourself, don’t blog. Blogging has followed the same path as photography, but at a much more rapid pace.  As recently as the early 1980’s only photographers had cameras. That is somewhat of a generalization, but in 1980 if you saw someone walking down the street with a camera you could be sure they were pretty serious about the trade. Today, the majority of people in the world have some type of camera in their possession and even professional equipment is commonplace. The same is true of blogs. Ten years ago only “real” writers had blogs.  Today, even my neighbor’s cat has a blog.

I am not saying don’t write and I am not saying don’t have a web presence. In fact, you should have at least one website where you post your writings and a Tumblr account, but what I am saying is get away from the term “blogging” when you describe what you do. Even as blogging has come to be accepted by many as legitimate writing, it has come to be seen by others as the poor man’s soapbox where quality is often sacrificed for quantity and outrageousness. It is better to be a journalist or a writer than a blogger. The difference may be purely a matter of perception, but often perception is everything.

Profile photo of Nathan Lake

Nathan is a photographer and writer from the Seattle, Washington area. His background is as diverse as the topics he photographs and writes about. His “careers” have included commercial diver, registered nurse, software designer, and healthcare consultant. He continues to write and work in healthcare while running The Travel Writers and working as a photographer/writer.

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